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The Friendship Test - The Menu Card Game for Testing Friendships

The Friendship Test - The Menu Card Game for Testing Friendships

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“The Menu” is the viral dating card game seen all over YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram Reels. The “Friends” edition is meant for old friends, new friends, best friends and making new friends, but warning, a couple of the dessert cards might destroy your relationship. How many cards will you pull before you reach the coveted 1,000 points?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Actually such a fun way to get to know people

My friends and I played this right before heading out for a birthday dinner and it was a perfect way to break the ice and sort of bring the different groups together!!!

Jackson Allen
Such a fun game!

This game is great! I have played it with a couple of friends and we literally played it freestyle for 2 hours and we could have kept going. I have a podcast and I am going to play the game with my best friends on the podcast and I can’t wait to see the outcome.

Absolutely love it

It was a great game, very exposing but I’m even better friends with them now, totally recommend!