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The Couples Test - The Menu Card Game for Testing Relationships

The Couples Test - The Menu Card Game for Testing Relationships

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The Menu is the viral dating card game seen all over YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram Reels. Perfect for first dates and married folk alike, The Menu is a fun and exciting way to learn more about and get closer to your partner. How many cards will you pull before you reach the coveted 1,000 points?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sierra Bailey
My husband and I loved this game

I loved how many ways you can play this game. I love the diffrent levels of spice aswell. Super fun!

So worth it!!

My boyfriend and I are always looking for fun ways to become closer, and we LOVED the couples version of The Menu. This game not only reminds you of the connection that was already there, but it’s also brings topics to the surface you might’ve been scared to talk about. ITS WORTH IT!!! It brings you closer not only emotionally, but once you finish desert YOU GUYS WILL WANT EACH OTHER SO BAD!!


Honestly this is the best card game/question game I've ever bought. I have about three others from different companies and they are SO boring compared to this one. The questions seem like they were actually thought out and not just grabbed from the internet. I feel with most card games, specially couple ones, the questions don't personal enough. These were very out of the ordinary in the best way possible, and great questions lead to great answers. This was super fun to play and honestly I found out things about my boyfriend (of 3 years) that I didn't know. Now I'll be waiting for the 2nd version!!! Keep it up guys, also LOVE your videos, PLEASE don't ever stop, I look forward to it every single day. My fav youtube channel out there currently <3

Alexis Sanborn
Loved it

My BF and I love couples card games and this one quickly became our fav! Spicy and so funny

Best date night ever

AMAZING Game for date night. It was hysterical, then it was spicy.